About Me

In 2012, I discovered yoga as a way to find more balance and fulfillment in my life. I was caught up in the hectic demands of New York City and I wanted to find the key to a peaceful state of mind and well being. That journey brought me to Los Angeles in 2013, and that year I completed my first 200 hour YA certified training in the Vinyasa Flow Method.

Shortly after I traveled to Bali, Indonesia where I began to explore the more spiritual side of yoga and meditation. It was there where I met Katiza “Satya” Ivulic and Kevin “Sahaj” Wood, of the Delight Yoga School (in Amsterdam). They introduced me to Ashtanga Yoga and it was through this practice that I began to notice a radical change in my life. Ashtanga became a healing force for me, and mainly responsible for healing my chronic digestion issues which I had been struggling with for many years. It was in this practice that I began to feel more confident and with a clearer picture of my life, as well as a strong inner strength that I had not been in touch with before.

With this new outlook on life, I wanted to dive deeper with my teachers Satya and Sahaj, by exploring different types of practices from different lineages with them.

I began to dwell into traditional Balinese energy healing, which works on the more subtle layers of the body, as well as Pranayama and meditation techniques from the Tibetan Buddhist lineage. Over the next three years I kept returning to Bali to continue my practice of Ashtanga and build a strong foundation under the direct guidance of Anthony “Prem” and Heather “Radha” Carlisi, certified/authorized teachers of the Ashtanga method and direct students of Sri. K Pattabhi Jois, at the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center.

I am certified at the 500 hour level with Yoga Alliance, in the practice and study of asana, pranayama, meditation and dharma in a variety of traditions. In order to enrich my knowledge of yoga and well being I have also visited many health and detox centers all over the world as well as several spiritual and mystical travels to India. As another effort to heal my digestion ailments, I participated in an Ayurvedic detox program in Kerala, India called Pancha Karma. It was there where I was first exposed to Ayurvedic Science which led me to get certified as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I use this knowledge to tailor programs to help my clients find their own state of balance and harmony.

My classes are designed to be intuitive and energizing for the body and completely relaxing for the mind. My aim is to get students to sync their hearts and breath, where all our wisdom lies. In a society where being busy is celebrated, my aim is simply to bring people back to their natural blissful state, the same one I had longed for at the beginning of my journey.

“Find your freedom. In every step, with every breath, and every gesture…find that space within yourself where you feel most free. This is the key to unlocking the gates to our treasure. That space, is our truth. Freedom.”